Photography & Filming at MTP

At the Marlie Technology Park, we allow photography and filming in our public areas- Our beautifully landscaped grounds is ideal for filming and photography for various purposes. Prior to you using the site for filming or photography you are required to lodge an application form for approval. Please click here for further information.

Types of Filming or Photography

  • Wedding Photography: Generally less than 5 crew, 1 camera and no infrastructure.
  • Photography: Generally less than 10 crew, 1 camera and no infrastructure
  • Low Impact Filming: Generally less than 10 crew, 1 camera, sound, 1 light and no infrastructure.
  • High Impact Filming: 11-25 crew, minimal equipment/lighting and usually 1 – 2 locations.
  • Fees for Filming and Photography

    We require 5 business days to process the application

    Category Wedding Photography Photography Low Impact Filming High Impact filming
    Application Fee US$0.00 US$0.00 US$100.00 US$100.00
    Hire of Open Spaces (per hour) US$120.00 US$200.00 US$300.00 US$400.00
    Site Supervision (per hour, minimum four hour callout). To be applied at management’s discretion. N/A US$80.00 US$80.00 US$80.00
    Parking (per day per vehicle). Subject to availability. N/A US$30.00 US$30.00 US$30.00

    Additional Requirements

  • All parties must lodge an application form to seek approval for filming of photography.
  • All parties must note that the Park is private property and that they require full permission from Management to conduct filming/photo shoot on site.
  • Where permission has been granted and where possible, film and photo crews should avoid filming in a way that directly identifies customers or our tenants (including signage).
  • Crew do not have the permission to film inside tenant areas
  • Roads are not to be blocked or closed at any time.
  • A risk assessment and safe work method statement must be completed by all parties.